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About us

The NHS Scotland Academy is an exciting partnership between NHS Golden Jubilee and NHS Education for Scotland to offer accelerated training for a wide range of health and social care roles and professions.

The Academy will:

  • provide an opportunity for staff to improve their skills in specific areas, using residential, distance and virtual reality learning.
  • offer attractive training programmes linked to recruitment and career progression.
  • draw on the strengths of both parent organisations using both the state-of-the-art clinical and simulation facilities at NHS Golden Jubilee and the educational expertise and technology-enabled learning offered by NHS Education for Scotland.
  • support NHS Scotland to develop additional capacity and new capabilities. 
  • add to existing educational programmes and respond to evolving and emerging workforce needs. 
  • help ensure the health and social care workforce is prepared for future needs in Scotland by addressing recruitment gaps and training needs
  • commit to the principles of eliminating discrimination and harassment, promoting equality of opportunity for all and recognising and valuing diversity in employment and in the delivery of our services. Our Inclusive Education and Learning Policy [PDF] sets out our commitment to making education and learning more inclusive.

Meet the team

Susan Archibald

NMC OSCE Prep (NHS Education for Scotland)

Karen Boylan

National Endoscopy Training Programme Lead (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Dr Aidan Cahill

National Endoscopy Training Programme Clinical Lead & Associate Postgraduate Dean (NHS Education for Scotland)

Callum Cassidy

Faculty Development (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Siobhan Connolly

CSMEN IPL (NHS Education for Scotland)

Fiona Fraser

Head of Programme (Interim) (NHS Education for Scotland))

Emma Gordon

NHS Scotland Academy Programme Administrator (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Clair Graham

Head of Programme (NHS Education for Scotland)

Carl Green

Faculty Development (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Mr Graham Haddock

Chair of National Endoscopy Training Programme (NHS Education for Scotland)

Kirsty Harkness

Skills and Simulation Centre Administrator (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Ben Harvey

Learning Resources Manager (NHS Education for Scotland)

Finlay Johnson

Project Officer (NHS Education for Scotland)

Timothy Johnson

Educational Resource Developer (NHS Education for Scotland)

Kevin Kelman

Director (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Kirsty Marks

CSMEN West (NHS Education for Scotland)

Ashley Meldrum

CSMEN North (NHS Education for Scotland)

Darren Middleton

NMAHP Senior Educator (NHS Education for Scotland)

Tricia Murray

ANP (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Nathan Oliver

CSMEN East (NHS Education for Scotland)

Lisa Parry

Clinical Educator

Lisa Patrick

SVQ Educator (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Leigh Paterson

Programme Administrator (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Cheryl Prentice

Programme Support Officer (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Andrew Ross

Clinical Educator (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Ben Shippey

Faculty Development

Morag Stout

Sonography (NHS Education for Scotland)

Jeanette Stevenson

Associate Director (NHS Golden Jubilee)

Ms Michelle Thornton

National Endoscopy Training Programme Clinical Lead and Associate Postgraduate Dean (NHS Education for Scotland)