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The NMC OSCE Preparation Programme aims to support workforce needs through the provision of education resources for NHS Scotland Health Boards undertaking international nurse recruitment.

International nurses seeking employment and UK registration must complete the NMC Test of Competence OSCE. A Once for Scotland approach has been taken to ensure nurses undertaking NMC OSCE have access to OSCE-focussed preparation through: 

  • Online learning
  • Simulation-based learning (SBL)
  • Mock exam

This OSCE Preparation Programme is designed to support nurse educators and international nurse learners through the NMC OSCE. The programme will have a phased delivery. 

Phase One: OSCE Preparation for Nurse Educators

The priority is to prepare nurse educators with the knowledge, skills and tools required to support and deliver OSCE education and preparation.  OSCE preparation resources have been developed in collaboration with NHS Boards and are available in our online module.

Access the OSCE preparation for nurse educators module on Turas Learn

Phase Two: OSCE Preparation for International Nurse Learners 

The second phase is to deliver OSCE learning resources to guide international nurse learners and support their OSCE preparation journey. These resources will complement the NMC Test of Competence Resources that international nurse learners are provided with from their NMC Test Centre.

Access the OSCE preparation for learners module on Turas Learn

Programme released: 18/05/2022

On this page