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NHS Scotland Academy Newsletter Spring 2024

National Ultrasound Training Programme (NUTP)

Celebrating its first year, the National Ultrasound Training Programme has carried out over 6,800 patient ultrasound exams, significantly contributing to the NHS Scotland Radiology Recovery Plan.

With more than 20 trainee sonographers and 24 specialist registrar radiologists and doctors trained, the programme has garnered positive feedback from both learners and patients.

Learner Micheala Thomson from NHS Forth Valley, who said:

“This programme has been hugely beneficial to me. It has provided me with dedicated and protected learning time that I didn’t have in my normal working environment.”

To read more about the successful year, visit National Ultrasound Training Programme News

 To find out more about the programme, visit NUTP

National Endoscopy Training Programme (NETP) 

The National Endoscopy Training Programme continues to make remarkable progress and achievements in upskilling learners towards excellence in endoscopic care, including the training of over 200 learners in various NETP programmes, such as Upskilling for Colonoscopy. 

The NETP has received a range of positive feedback from learners who have taken part, including this learner who participated in the Upskilling for Colonoscopy programme. 

“I have had an extremely valuable training experience. My confidence was significantly increased in a short space of time and the progress made in technical skills overtook any other period in my fairly protracted scope training.

“Most importantly, I feel I will be better placed to offer a higher quality of colonoscopy to patients and, further down the line, train others to do the same.”

Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Lesion online workshop

This month the National Endoscopy Training Programme provided an informative Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) lesion detection online workshop to over 100 attendees.

Speakers, Professor Nigel Trudgill, Dr Rehan J.Haidry and Dr Matt Banks, covered topics such as:

  • Upper GI neoplastic lesion recognition
  • Diagnosis and management of Barrett’s Oesophagus
  • The detection and management of chronic atrophic gastritis

The workshop received fantastic feedback from attendees and is now available to view on TURAS Learn.

To view the training video visit Upper GI Lesion Online Workshop

New Skills and Simulation Centre

We were delighted to see our new custom built, state-of-the-art Skills and Simulation Centre welcome learners for the first time this year.

Designed to replicate a real-life theatre environment, the skills centre features the latest simulation technologies, perfect for honing the techniques and practical skills needed to deliver excellent patient care.

Learners benefit from access to lifelike patient simulators that mimic realistic symptoms and scenarios, all controlled by educators from a central room, creating dynamic and realistic experience.

The centre will welcome learners from various specialties, including endoscopy and perioperative practice, with the opportunity to expand to other specialties like pharmacy in the future.

Cultural Humility Digital Resource

The NHS Scotland Academy Cultural Humility Digital Resource has been created for all health and social care staff, and third sector to support the development of positive cultural humility values and behaviours.

The online resource features a range of videos, reflective activities, scenarios and a resource pack, all designed to support understanding and awareness of different cultures and backgrounds.

So far, over 690 learners have accessed the resource from across 14 health boards and other third sector organisations, including nurses, pharmacists, social workers and therapists.

To find out more about the Cultural Humility resource, visit Cultural Humility Digital Resource.

NMC OSCE online resources

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) online resources continue to benefit learners and educators form health boards across Scotland, with resources being accessed over 1,400 times.

The preparation resources have been specifically tailored for nurse educators, international nurses and those preparing for the midwifery and mental health OSCE.

Accessible through TURAS Learn, the online resources feature a range of online learning, modules and mock exams, guiding the learner through their preparation journey.

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Preparation  

Programmes recruiting now

National Perioperative Training programmes:

Please direct recruitment enquiries to

  • Foundations of Perioperative Practice (Registered Nurses) Cohort 9, May 2024 open for recruitment
  • Assistant Perioperative Practitioner (Health Care Support Workers Career level 2/3) Cohort 4, May 2024 open to recruitment
  • Surgical First Assistant programme (experienced Registered Nurses and Operating Department Practitioners) Cohort 3, May 2024 open to recruitment
  • Anaesthetic Practitioner programme (Registered Nurses) Cohort 6, Sept 2024 open to recruitment

National Endoscopy Training programmes:

There is some limited availability on the following programmes. Please direct booking enquiries to

  • Endoscopy Non-Technical Skills courses: 26 April 3 places available, 11 September 4 places available
  • Train the Colonoscopy Trainers: 9 September 3 places available, 16 December 3 places available
  • Basic Skills in Colonoscopy: 12 August 4 places available, 4 November 4 places available
  • Basic skills in Upper GI: 9 December 4 places available
  • Colonoscopy and Polypectomy upskilling: 25 June 1 place available, 23 July 2 places available, 29 October 3 places available, 26 November 3 places available
  • Colonoscopy upskilling: 24 June 1 place available, 22 July 5 places available, 19 August 6 places available, 28 October 6 places available, 25 November 6 places available

Further information on all NHS Scotland Academy programmes can be found at NHS Scotland Academy  

NHS Scotland Academy Newsletter Spring 2024