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Preparing for Work in Health and Social Care

The NHS Scotland Academy is supporting people to join the health and social care workforce, with more than 1200 learners having now accessed the new Preparing for Work in Health and Social Care Programme.

Launched in December 2021, this was an innovative new digital resource designed specifically to help support the NHSScotland recovery programme by supporting those who are new to roles in health and social care, along with those applying for the first time, to access useful resources and information to speed up their journey into their new career.

Commenting on the programme, Director of the NHS Scotland Academy, Kevin Kelman, said:

“We are delighted with the success of this programme. Since its launch, over 1200 learners from all across the country have accessed the digital learning materials.
“This exciting digital resource enables people who are new to the field, or thinking about a career in health and social care, to be well prepared for what’s involved, making a difference to the delivery of person-centred care all across the country.”

Available digitally, anytime from any device, the resource offers an interactive learning experience, including videos, educational modules and quizzes to test their knowledge.

The online resources allow easier access to the most relevant information through two platforms: the Healthcare Programme curated by NHS Scotland Academy; and the Social Care Programme which has been developed by the Scottish Social Services Council.

Kevin added:

“The Healthcare Programme is in two parts, one containing practical skills modules and the other containing non-technical skills with are essential to the healthcare environment.
“The Social Care Programme has been developed by the Scottish Social Services Council as a resource intended to complement organisations’ induction programmes and relevant policies and procedures. It will support workers, together with their employers to identify what knowledge and guidance they need to be equipped and confident to safely provide person-centred support to people in their new role.
“This is an invaluable tool for making sure our health and social care workforce is as well prepared as they can possibly be to provide the highest level of care possible, in a complex and fast changing landscape.”

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